çao, Netherland Antilles: Curaçao phenomenon


Fish circle
Fish circle

Curaçao's phenomenon

On this page we have placed some bits and pieces that did not fit main categories.

Bye Miami Plane is flying out of Miami. Destination is Curaçao.
Shete Boka Incredible color of Curaçao waters.
Curacao sky Ever changing sky pattern, especially during rainy season.
Curacao sky Curaçao sky.
SCuracao sky Curaçao sky.
Botika When on the island, you need to recognize pharmacies in case you need cold, anti-allergy, or other medicine. On Curaçao, pharmacy is called Botika. Even if it is closed you can stop by and read what botikas that belong to the chain are open.
Shete Boka Wind farm in Saint Catharina.
Surf and turf Surf and Turf restaurant near Breezes.
klein-curacao-lighthouse-1.jpg Surf and Turf restaurant near Breezes.




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